Patrons and Investors

Right now, we from wtalk are only able to support the fashion industry.
In order to make our platform available to other industries and specifically help small and growing businesses we need patrons and investors that support us in this goal.

In times like these, our world needs entrepreneurs. We are looking for private investors and patrons that are willing to act and support us.

Rethink the approach

WTALK places its believes in a fair economy system, in which partners with different levels of expertise are able to profit from each other.
Through a constant and high service orientated approach, we believe that the customer is always at the center of our attention.
  • Together with wtalk our approach to trade is fundamentally different.
  • Our goal is to create a transparent and fair economy system in which trade will win through a highly satisfied customer.
  • Through 'middle out' we connect a demanding customer directly with manufactures, advisors and media all across Europe.
  • Ultimately everyone brings their level of expertise to the marketplace 1-to-1 without any advertising.

Are you interested?

Then send us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible