Senior PHP Backend Developer (m/f/d)

The timing is perfect for overcoming the boundaries between digital and analog worlds in order to provide meaningful experiences and services to human beings interested in exceptional products. Wtalk is a Quality/Analog-Valley tech startup from Munich. Our Best-in-Class digital services enrich and improve your analog life. You can talk with like-minded people about products, ideas and opinions, independent experts inspire you with professional advice and you can experience and conveniently shop quality products – all like in real life. Wtalk establishes a new economy system based on European values like quality and partnership. Founded by experienced tech strategists, funded by private equity. Market ready in 2020.

Our product is already live in a first version and impresses customers and investors. Our team consists of tech-enthusiasts, seasoned strategists and entrepreneurs, product owners, UI/UX designers and software developers. Our office is close to Marienplatz in an air-conditioned, natural light loft with great energy.

As a backend developer, you and your backend colleagues are responsible for the entire backend components, which is what's behind our API layer. But a look at the other side of the API and contributions to the frontend are very welcome. You implement user stories with high quality standards, drive forward the further development of the architecture and review the pull requests of your colleagues. You are agile, streak and have a passion for open source? Then you are the perfect fit for us.

Our tech stack inspires us every day and we hope that this is the case with you as well:

  • The core of our service architecture is our community service based on PHP supported by the Symfony 3 framework.
  • We also operate a headless shop based on Sylius.
  • Both REST and GraphQL exchange data between frontend and backend.
  • Our CI / CD pipeline executes both our test suites (PHPUnit, Phpspec) and static code analytics (PHPStan). The coupling of the pipeline to Slack allows us to deploy our software on Kubernetes clusters in one click.
  • As a persistence layer we use MongoDB and MySQL. As ORM / ODM we use Doctrine for both.
  • Our frontend is a React based single page application.
  • Tech Stack addins: Git(hub), Tideways, Google Cloud SDK, Kubernetes, Google Memory Store, Google Cloud Pub/Sub.
  • SOLID is our credo.

To be successful with us you should bring the following mindset:

  • The team is above everything. Nobody can be successful alone.
  • The customer is at the center of software development.
  • International teams are the stronger teams.

We expect a completed computer science degree or similar education, at least 5 years of experience in agile software development. You are communicative, open to new ideas and changes and you like to take on responsibility - then you are in the right place.

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